Aerospace Industry

The use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in Aerospace Industry has increased steadily to design greener, efficient and quieter airplanes. SankhyaSutra’s high-fidelity LBM solver reduces dependence on costly and time-consuming experiments to determine aerodynamic and propulsion parameters. In turn, faster design validation and functional safety analysis can lead to lower time to market for new aircraft configurations. Our ability to handle flows over a large range of Reynolds number and rarefied flows is an added advantage.

Some applications of SankhyaSutra’s technology in Aerospace Industry are:

Simulation Gallery

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Stall Simulation
Aerodynamics Simulation of a Low Pressure Turbine blade
Turbine Blade
Aerodynamics Simulation for Store Separation
Store Separation
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - SACCON
Aerodynamics Simulation of Quadrotor to predict interactoin among propellers